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​​Outdoor Living  &  Concrete Repair, Restoration / Beautification

​​​Concrete Restorations ( before & after)  

-Dreams in Concrete Realized as an authorized dealer for "CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY INCORPORATED            . We use and implement CTI products and tenchiques for all concrete restoration, beautification and finishing. CTI offers a 10-year limited material warranty on its Hallmark System against dramatic fading, delimitation, and general product failure.

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​​​Dealership and Warranties  information

Drive ways

-Dreams in Concrete Realized is an authorized dealer for COYOTE Grills.                  We recommend  all coyote outdoor cooking and grilling elements in our designs. Coyote Grills offer:

A limited LIFETIME warranty on stainless steel frame/housing and stainless steel burners (no rust or burn through).

5- years Limited on cooking grids (no rust or burn through).

2-years Limited on flavorizer bars (no rust or burn through).

2-years Limited on electric/plastic components.

​1-year Limited on ignition systems/valves.

-Dreams in Concrete Realized is an authorized dealer for BLAZING BEATS​.

Blazing beats has a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.  Electronics warranty is void if customer modifies electric system components

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Concrete / Stone Outdoor Living Construction, Concrete restoration and beautification in Tidewater.

Concrete Repair Contractor

Stamped Patios 

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- Dreams in Concrete Realized is an authorized dealer for STONEMAKERS              for all the hardscape applications and solutions. All Stonemakers concrete products have a 1 year warranty, excluding hairline cracks. All surfaces to be resealed yearly as part of regular maintenance.


Outdoor Living

​​​Concrete Restoration / Beautification  

Porches, Walkways & Pool Decks

Garages & Reflective flooring

Outdoor Living

Dreams in Concrete  is the superior outdoor hardscape specialist that provides attractive yet cost effective alternatives to natural stone, block and, veneer. Dreams in Concrete takes advantage of the high performance, low maintenance, and long life offered by Stonemakers's proprietary trade secreted concrete processes.

Outdoor kitchens.

Fire Pits

Dreams in Concrete Realized employs CTI's (Concrete Technology Incorporated) revolutionary coating system that can take any structurally sound concrete and give it new life.  You can now have the look, texture, and color of inlaid brick, tile, slate, marble, or something truly unique.  The Concrete Technology System is perfect for driveways, patios, pool decks, and walkways that can even be install inside the home. The Concrete Technology System is twice the strength of normal concrete. This tough, durable coating stands up year after year.

Retention Walls